JackThreads &
Westbrook Frames
Silver Series Launch

↓ ​​​​​​​Role
Art Director, Designer

↓ ​​​​​​​Agency
Thrillist Media Group and Engine Shop

↓ ​​​​​​​Photography
Anthony Humphreys and Steve Mack
On February 13th, JackThreads announced the official launch of a collaboration with Westbrook Frames, the eyewear collection of NBA player Russell Westbrook. To celebrate the partnership, Thrillist Media Group hosted a launch party during New York Fashion Week and the NBA All-Star Weekend.

I worked with the Thrillist marketing team, as well as with experiential agency Engine Shop, to design signage, food and drink menus, and other print collateral that was displayed at the event. Everything was installed in a 5-story Soho townhouse, and good-looking fashion people came and partied amongst it.

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