Food Network
Barbecue and the Blues

↓ Role
Art Director, Designer

↓ ​​​​​​​Agency
Thrillist Media Group​​​​​​​
In October 2015, I was tasked with designing and managing creative direction for the 6th annual Barbecue and the Blues, Thrillist's outrageous BBQ event within the Food Network's New York City Wine & Food Festival. TV personality Adam Richman hosted the night as about 500 guests sampled BBQ dishes from 12 of Thrillist's favorite restaurants.

For the design language, I took cues from the menus and signage of classic roadside BBQ joints – the kinds of places with rusting, hand painted signs out front and unreasonably delicious food inside. The design system is comprised entirely of typography, most of which comes from scans of old woodblock typefaces. I also incorporated some lettering and hand-drawn elements to add to the authenticity of the design. 

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